Wooden stairs

Our wooden stairs continue to enjoy the highest reputation among our customers.

Manufacture of wooden stairs

The wood for stairs should be hard and resistant to scratches, therefore, the best material for stairs is the wood of deciduous trees, such as oak, ash and beech.

More and more often, interior stairs become one of the important elements of interior design and, at the same time, they are decoration of the space designed. Our company produces stairs intended to be assembled by the customers themselves according to individual designs. Steps and stair risers are made of laminated wood in order to prevent any possible deformations during usage.

Offer of wooden stairs

After pretreatment, steps and stair risers are covered with high quality natural veneer with a thickness of 1.2 mm, giving the stairs a uniform an aesthetic look. Additionally, we produce all finishing elements made of wood, such as skirting boards, door casings, shelves, countertops etc.

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