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High quality table top for yachts and boats are one of the leading products offered by STOL-BET in Dąbrowa Tarnowska.

We are a wood treatment facility and we provide services to business entities and individual customers. Among the products offered by us, you can find interior wooden window sills, wooden countertops, garden furniture, including beer garden furniture called “Bawaria”.

Our garden furniture is an excellent supplement to home gardens, gazebos and patios. Find out more about our products that you can buy from us.

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Our Products

Find out more about our extensive offer that focuses on products made of high quality wood and ensuring high quality and durability.

Wooden window sills 

Window sills are products that are used in residential buildings as well as public utility buildings. Interior wooden window sills, properly protected, maintain their aesthetic look for many years. Furthermore, they are durable and resistant to moisture that often appears near windows during wintertime.

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Wooden stairs 

Hardwood that is used for the production of stairs is durable and resistant to mechanical damage. Because wood is an ecological material, it is environmentally friendly. Another advantage of wooden stairs is that they can be renewed after many years of usage, restoring their original aesthetic look.

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Garden furniture 

We offer high quality garden furniture that can be used in home gardens, gazebos, patios as well as when organising mass events for which our beer garden furniture called “Bawaria” is perfectly suited.

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Wooden countertops

Wooden countertops are made of hardwood that is resistant to mechanical damage and durable. More and more often, wooden countertops are used in kitchen as well as bathroom designs in the housebuilding industry.

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Tabletop for boats and yachts

Our tabletops for yachts and boats are characterised by high quality and high resistance to adverse weather conditions. Aquatic environment and water in particular have destructive impact on equipment elements of yachts and boats. Therefore, for the production of tabletops, we use the best materials that ensure durability and many years of use.

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Interior Elements

We also produce wooden finishing elements, including skirting boards, door casings, mantelpieces and other elements used in the housebuilding industry.

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Best wooden tabletops

Tabletops for boats and yachts

Stol Bet - Manufacturer of countertops intended to be used at sea.

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our distinguishing features

All that makes us stand out among other manufacturers of countertops, window sills and wooden furniture.

quality of materials and products

We use only best quality wood that ensures high quality and durability of our products.

We produce wooden window sills, countertops for boats and yachts as well as garden furniture only of selected wood that is characterised by high quality and, as such, it can be used in severe weather conditions. 

experience and professionalism

Only an experienced crew and equipment guarantee properly manufactured products.

Wooden products offered by us are made only by employees with proper experience and with the use of equipment ensuring precise finish.

timeliness and guarantee

Orders are processed in a timely manner and products are made according to agreed time schedules.

When ordering wooden products made by Stol-Bet, e.g. garden furniture for beer gardens, you are guaranteed to have the ordered goods delivered at a date agreed in advance. 

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