Interior window sills

Interior window sills are an important finishing element of each window. Owing to exceptional ecological and aesthetic values of wood, each room becomes original and elegant.

Manufacture of wooden window sills

We produce our wooden window sills of pine wood that is laminated in order to prevent any possible deformations during usage. Then, window sills are covered on both sides with high quality natural veneer, 1.2 mm thick, made of the following tree species:

  • pine,
  • oak,
  • beech,
  • ash,
  • meranti mahogany.

The front of a window sill is 5-7 cm wide board made of the same species of wood as the veneer. The surface of window sills is coated several times with a transparent, semi-matt varnish to protect the wood against moisture.

It is also possible to order a different window sill colour, as we have access to a wide range of water-based stains.

Offer of interior wooden window sills

Our window sills are valued by many of our customers owing to their aesthetics, quality of workmanship and timeliness. Such positive opinions that we encounter and customer satisfaction motivate us to work further and rise to new challenges.

We produce our interior window sills and wooden countertops of laminated pine wood covered with natural veneer made of such tree species as: mahogany, oak, beech, ash, pine.
The advantage of laminated wood is its resistance to deformation resulting from external factors (temperature, moisture).

  • length up to 250 cm
  • minimum width - 15 cm
  • standard thickness - 3.0 cm
  • at the customer’s request and for an additional charge, we can produce thicker window sills.

Colours presented in the photos may slightly differ from the original ones.

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