Tabletops for boats and yachts

blat dla łodzi i jachtu

Table top for boats and yachts

Table top for boats and yachts manufactured by us are distinguished by high quality and aesthetic appearance. The materials used for making our table top are resistant to the influence of external factors, particularly related to the marine environment in which they are most commonly used. Respecting the nature, our table top are also environmentally friendly and constitute an essential element of the cockpit equipment of almost any yacht or boat. Solid workmanship combined with aesthetic appearance and durability guarantees that our table top will serve customers for many years. In our offer we have simple one-piece table top and folding table top of various sizes.

We are open to cooperation on the domestic and foreign market.

Table top prepared for boats

blat dla łodzi i jachtu

The table top we manufacture are made of waterproof MDF board covered on both sides with high quality teak veneer or one of the wood-like laminates. The thickness of the simple one-piece worktop is 14 ​​mm excluding the elevated edging of 8 mm made of solid teak. One corner of the worktop is open which facilitates the outflow of water and keeps the worktop clean. The folding table top manufactured by us have a thickness of 20 mm and consist of three parts connected by four hinges. Waterproof MDF board is covered on both sides with natural teak veneer or wood-like laminate. The edges of the top are made of solid teak with the same thickness / 20 mm / Folding tops are a perfect solution in cockpits that have a small usable space.

One-piece and folding tops for yachts

Our table top are an elegant and practical solution for any yacht or boat at a reasonable price. Currently manufactured simple one-piece table top are available in three sizes, but there is the possibility of making any dimension to an individual customer order. 


  • 420 x 620
  • 420 x700
  • 540 x 850


  • 16.5" x 24,4"
  • 6,5" x 27,5"
  • 21.3" x 34,4"

Folding table top are manufactured in any dimension, e.g.       700 mm x 300 mm / 27 "x 11.8" / folded,

700 mm x 900 mm / 27 "x 35.4" / unfolded

  • blaty-dla-lodzi-i-jachtow-1
  • blaty-dla-lodzi-i-jachtow-2
  • blaty-dla-lodzi-i-jachtow-3
  • blaty-do-lodzi-i-jachtow-2
  • blaty-do-lodzi-i-jachtow1
  • blaty-do-lodzi-i-jachtow3

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