Wooden countertops

Sale of wooden countertops

Wooden countertops are more and more frequently found in kitchen as well as bathroom designs. One could say that they are enjoying a renaissance. Wooden countertops combine not only ecological and aesthetic values but also introduce into your home an exceptionally warm climate compared to marble or granite. However, they require proper care to serve you in good condition for many years. Countertops for kitchens and bathrooms are usually made of laminated wood i.e. closely joined pieces, the so called slats. Owing to this, our countertops are durable, they do not crack or undergo deformation.

Manufacture of wooden countertops

The best raw material for countertops is the wood of deciduous trees, which is resistant to mechanical damage. In order to obtain a uniform and aesthetic look, our countertops are covered on both sides with natural veneer 1.2 mm thick made of such tree species as oak, beech, ash, teak, meranti mahogany. The surface of countertops can be protected using two methods: by applying oil or several coats of transparent and semi-matt varnish. Both of these methods provide good protection against moisture and small mechanical damage.

Offer of wooden countertops

Another advantage of wooden countertops is that they can be renewed, varnished multiple times and each time they preserve their natural look. Apart from the production of countertops, we also make all elements related to interior design, such as:

    • shelves,
    • boards,
    • door casings,
    • mantelpieces.

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