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Garden bench

Stylish garden benches can ideally fill up any free space in your garden, recreational land plots or home surroundings. As a timeless classic, these benches are distinguished by their originality and aesthetic look, resulting in them being very popular among our customers.

Our garden benches are made entirely of wood and coated three times with opaque paints in order to protect them for many years against weathering. Our benches can be in various colours depending on individual preferences, however, the colours that are most often selected by our customers are green, blue, brown and white. The garden benches offered by us are a combination of best materials, comfort and functionality. If quality and aesthetics are important to you, you will definitely find something that suits you in our offer.

Sale of “Bawaria” Beer Garden Furniture

The “Bawaria” beer garden furniture consists of a table 2 m long and 0.5 m wide and two benches. The table countertop and the benches are made of coniferous wood and coated three times with a transparent varnish in order to protect their surfaces against the destructive impact of water and sun on the wood structure.

The green metal legs attached to the table and benches are folding, making the entire set easy to store and transport. The “Bawaria” beer garden furniture is widely recognised by organisers of events, picnics, open-air festivals and they are also perfect during feasting with your friends and family.

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