Wooden window sills

parapety drewniane wewnętrzne

Manufacture and sale of wooden window sills

Wooden window sills are one of the products offered by Stol Bet in Dąbrowa Tarnowska. Wooden window sills are most frequently used as interior window sills, constituting at the same time a combination of aesthetic finishing of the space under the window as well as affecting the functionality of this place by offering additional space to be used.

Window sills offered by us are made of best quality wood, including:

  • window sills made of oak wood which is a hard and reliable material, hardness at the level of 66 MPa;
  • window sills made of ash wood which is a perfect material as an alternative for oak products, hardness at the level of 37 MPa;
  • window sills made of beech wood which is relatively hard and that can be mechanically joined with ease, hardness at the level of 78 MPa;
  • window sills made of pine wood characterised by elasticity and softness while maintaining durability, hardness at the level of 28 MPa.

Offer of interior window sills

All interior window sills that are manufactured in our plant were prepared for everyday use by being covered with a coating that protects against moisture and mechanical damage and extends product life.

Interior wooden window sills improve the prestige of the space, when placed in a living room, study or bedroom, they affect the general aesthetics of the space and when properly matched, they will be a supplement to the visual attractiveness of the room.

Installation of interior wooden window sills

After buying an interior window sill, it is important to ensure its correct installation because only such correct installation guarantees proper usage and long-term durability, it prevents, among other things, the accumulation of condensation and, therefore, we avoid the gradual loss of aesthetic values.

We encourage you to look at our gallery of wooden window sills that will allow you to make a decision to buy our window sills.

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